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DanCFu 80後專業驗樓師
收樓前要準備啲乜? 即睇!

You made it! 
DanCFu & Bros. congratulates you on becoming a flat-owner! 

FREE TIPS : Step 1-6
Blank Envelopes

Step 1


Got your letter

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Step 4


Approve your annual leave 


Step 2



Pick a lucky date and make an appointment with your developer

Taking Notes

Step 5


Let management know 3 days in-advanced regarding testing water leakage on the balcony.

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Step 3


Make an appointment with DanCFu 

Champaign Bottle and Glasses

Step 6


Book a restaurant to celebrate!

  • 收樓在即,想搵驗樓師幫手,請問收費如何? I am about to get the keys to my new apartment . What's the next step?
    你好!多謝查詢! 恭喜你即將收樓呀! 為方便快速報價,可先話我知以下資料: 1.物業名稱 2.尺數 3.房間數目 4.預計收樓日期 Whatsapp 1-click 報價 Hello! Thank you for your enquiry and congratulations! Please provide us with the following in order for a speedy quotation. 1) Name of your property 2) Size 3) How many rooms 4) Estimate date of getting your keys. Please click here to obtain a whatsapp quotation .
  • 驗樓服務包啲乜? What is included?
    ✔️驗樓項目多達200項. ✔️露台高壓槍試水 ✔️即時文字報告 ✔️專業售後線上解答報告Q&A ✔️從事工程驗收超過17年 ✔️獲香港樓宇檢驗學會頒授驗樓主任證 ✔️專業資格確認 ✔️重驗或檢驗裝修有特別優惠 ✔️Over 200 items ✔️Testing for leakage on the balcony with high pressure water-gun. ✔️Instant written report ✔️Q&A services after inspection ✔️Been in the industry for 17 years ✔️Licensed inspector from HKBIA ✔️Special rate for post-inspection review and inspecting quality of refurbishment prior your move-in.
  • 收樓當日可以安排同日驗樓嗎?甘唔洗請多日假! Is it possible to arrange the inspection to be on the same day as getting my keys?
    絶對可以安排同日幫你手! 通常收樓程序係1個小時,如你10點收樓,DanCFu 11點就可幫你進行驗樓! 仲唔快啲打俾我地book定日子先? 即致電61349000. 1-click Whatspp 報價 OF COURSE! Please allow approximately 1 hour for the entire process for getting your keys. Say if you were to get your keys at 10a.m., we can start the inspection at 11. Please contact us now for a quote !
  • 星期六,日,公衆假期都可預約驗樓嗎? May I book you during weekends?
    DanCFu 驗樓兄弟幫,我地幾位兄弟。一定夾到你時間!最緊要係盡早,我地明嘅! We have several inspectors and we are sure we can arrange a time for you! But please act fast as we are on a first-come-first-serve bases.
  • 驗樓過程要幾耐?我要在場嗎? How long does the process take? Do I have to be present during the inspection?
    開放式約2小時 1-2房 約3小時 3-4房約4.5小時 之後再有30-45分鐘defects 講解! 好多業主都係開左門俾我地開工後,就去食飯,我地差唔多攪掂就會call返你上黎。時間好洗啲! 當然我地更歡迎業主在場我地可以俾多啲日後保養心得! Open Studio - approximately 2 hours 1-2 bedrooms- approximately 3 hours 3-4 bedrooms - approximately 4.5 hours Please spare 30-45 minutes after for us to go through the defects with you. Many customers like to enjoy their lunch / dinner after letting us in. The inspector will give you a call when he's almost done. It will be great if you can be present so we can share some tips on flat maintenance with you .
  • 我仲有其他問題,想知多啲啲啲。。。 I have other questions...
    快啲打俾我地啦 廣東話/English/國語 一定啱channel 熱線 : +852 61349000 Please give us a call on +852 61349000
  • 超鍾意你首DanCFu 主題曲!! 我又想為自己品牌寫首歌 , 可以搵邊位?
    寫廣告歌梗係要搵 Carol ! 求婚 / 教學用途 都得㗎! 查詢電話 / Whatsapp : +852 60123220
常見問題 FAQ

DanCFu 80後專業驗樓師




 aka Daniel Siu 

▶ has been in the engineering industry for over 17 years.

▶ obtained professional licensing from Hong Kong Building Inspection Association

▶ specialises in newly built flats

▶ inspect unit condition after leasing end

▶ great working ethic, non-biased and professional. Your moving-in process will definitely be more efficient. 

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